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Seattle Audubon advocates and organizes for cities where people and birds thrive.

Regional Conservation

Marbled Murrelet Conservation

Marbled Murrelets (Brachyamphus marmoratus) are small, unique seabirds that spend most of their time on the Pacific Ocean, but depend on old-growth ecosystems for nesting. The southern population of murrelets have lost about 27% of nesting habitat on non-federal lands in Washington, Oregon, and California, with the most habitat loss occurring in Washington. Seattle Audubon is a member of the Marbled Murrelet Conservation Coalition. Read more about Marbled Murrelets here.


Ancient Forests

We have been integral in fighting for the protection of old growth forests in Washington State, including habitat for the Northern Spotted Owl.


National Parks and Wildlands

Seattle Audubon was historically key in designating Olympic National Park and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. We continue to advocate for these wild places. Read our comments on issues regarding National Wildlife Refuges and Wildlands on our Advocacy site.


Historical Issues and Accomplishments

Wind and Energy Siting
Elwha River Restoration

Seattle Audubon is nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Copyright Seattle Audubon.